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Liturgical Reflection...
September 14, 2014

Today's feast commemorates a double anniversary. First, in Jerusalem, the Emperor Constantine erected around church, the Anastasis, above the grave of Jesus, and a basilica, the Martyrium. In the square between the two churches, a shrine, Calvarium, marked the place of the crucifixion. These were dedicated in 335. Second, this feast also commemorates the discovery of the Lord's cross by the empress, St. Helena in 320. The Cross is our sign of salvation. On the wood of the Cross, the Crucified Lord was sacrificed and the tree of defeat became the tree of victory. Our sins are forgiven and we are reconciled with our God. 

Latest News:

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      CCD Registration is now in progress! We ask that all students (grades Kindergarten through 11) attending CCD this academic year of 2014-2015

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